Terms for accounting services of online and physical stores

up to 50 invoices300 BGN
from 51 to 100 invoices450 BGN
from 101 to 200 invoices per month600 BGN
over 201 invoices per month800 BGN
*Payment according to the number of incoming invoices per month
For each cash register30 BGN
For each bank account30 BGN
For every credit and debit card30 BGN
For any payment system (PayPal, MyPOS, etc.)75 BGN
For every second and subsequent online or physical store (the first one is free)200 BGN
Monitoring stock availability by number and type of goods100 BGN on every 1000 products
Submission of an annual report for an individual100 BGN
TRZ and personnel (employment contracts, notification to the National Social Security Institute, declarations, hospital, employment records)30 BGN/employee
*Number of invoices includes purchase invoices and sales invoices
**We can take over the accounting of a working company only from the beginning of the calendar year

What is included in the price?

Full accounting of online and physical stores

Accounting of dropshipping merchants

Unlimited number of outgoing invoices to end customers of the stores

Annual accounting service and announcement in the Commercial Register

Monthly submission of VAT returns

Online accounting with delivery of documents by courier at your expense

Printing payment documents and issuing invoices to customers

VAT registration

Declaration of the online store in the National Revenue Agency

Preparation of individual account plan

Development of an accounting policy

Monthly filing of accounting registers

Stock management – goods, materials

Amortization schedule of fixed assets

Cash flow monitoring – counterparties and budget calculations

Tax protection

Tax consultancies

Monitoring the company’s obligations

Submission of reports and declarations to the National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Insitute, Bulgarian National Bank and National Statistical Institute

Processing and submission of sick sheets to the National Social Security Insitute

Verification of insurance certificates and submission of documents to the National Social Security Insitute

Online archive of all your company’s accounting and documents

Issuance of debt reports

Issuance of asset statements

Issuance of reports on labor relations

Preparation of fee-accounts, official notes and certificates

Preparing a monthly income and expense statement

What we can do which is not included in the price?

Establishment of a commercial company

Preparation of management reports other than Income and Expense Statement

Opening of bank accounts

Issuance of credit and debit cards


Financial audit

Export to the EU

Intrastat declarations

Stock processing

Carrying out inventories of commercial establishments

Audit certifications of the statements

Forensic accounting expertise

Preparation of VIES declarations

Preparation of documents for bank credit and company lease

Administrative services for registration with the Personal Data Protection Commission

Selection of accounting staff

Online banking

Planning and preparation of budgets

Commercial analyses

Internal accounting audit

Management accounting

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