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Why NB Profit

Tax consultancy

How to legally pay less taxes

NB PROFIT offers you a professional service, which is much more than simple accounting. Our experts will advise you on all the options that give you the opportunity to pay less tax while ensuring compliance with the law.

Full online access

See your current status online

With NB PROFIT you have complete online access to your financial and accounting documentation. No matter when you need such information, it is just a click away.

Digital invoices

Easy e-invoice issuance

Make your sales in an easy way and without wasting time. Without complex accounting software, but with an intuitive and functional module for issuing e-invoices.

Notifications of obligations

Automated system for submitting references

NB PROFIT offers you an automated system for sending references and information. It will inform you regularly about the existence of obligations. In this way, the risk of losses for your business due to late payments is negligible.

Electronic reading of invoices

Scanning paper invoices using artificial intelligence

Don’t waste time and effort entering the data from your invoices manually – delegate this task to a reliable artificial intelligence that will scan your invoices and extract the data from them completely automatically.

Complete information security

Triple Certified Security Accounting Platform

With NB PROFIT, all your data is 100% protected from hacker attacks and any type of unauthorized access. We use reliable tools to encrypt all information.

A modern and affordable way of accounting

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SERVICES // Tax Accounting

Complete tax accounting

All in one place for a successful business

NB PROFIT offers you complex tax and accounting services to keep your business in order. We monitor current tax regulations and apply them to your business reporting so you can enjoy a peace of mind.

Annual closing

Creating and submitting an annual balance sheet, income statement, etc.

We carry out the entire procedure for mandatory annual accounting closure – from the complete document preparation to the filing of the reports in the relevant departments.

Tax protection

Tax audits and inspections are our concern

We carry out all tax audits and checks. We guarantee that all your tax and accounting activities comply with the rules required by law.


Annual tax audits with a licensed auditor

We assist in all types of tax and accounting audits, revisions and others. We cooperate with licensed auditors and experts in the field.

SERVICES // Finance

Import and export

Organization of all import and export processes

Comprehensive documentation for import and export transactions. Accounting of the processes in compliance with the normative rules at the national and international level.

Bank accounts and payment systems

Opening and accounting

We open and manage company bank accounts, payment systems and others, accounting for their movements regularly and in accordance with the law.

Debit and credit cards

Track balances and make payments

We provide complex services related to your company debit and credit cards. We monitor the current movements on them, order and account for the various types of payments.

Electronic banking

Making payments to counterparties and the budget

We move all types of payments to counterparties and the budget. They will be carried out on time to ensure good relations with your partners and without the risk of penalties for delay.


Stock management

Income and expenditure of goods in the warehouse

We take care of receiving and issuing goods from your warehouse. We also prepare the necessary financial and accounting documents accompanying the process.

Personnel (Manpower and Wages)

Employment contracts, employment books, references and reports

We provide comprehensive personnel management, remuneration and insurance services. Complete Manpower and Wages service for the needs of small and large businesses.

Managerial Accounting References

Issuing statements according to your template and cash flows

Finance is one of the most important aspects of the activity of any organization. With NB PROFIT, you get the financial statements you need with just a few clicks and/or through our expert assistance.


Inventory of goods in the warehouse

We carry out all types of stock inventories – regularly and/or on request. With the services of NB PROFIT, you always have up-to-date data on your goods and finances.

One-off accounting services

Everything you need

We provide accounting services both on a subscription basis and on a one-time request. Everything your business needs in terms of accounting, taxes and finance is in the expertise of NB PROFIT.

Trademark registration

Protect your name

We move the processes of registering a trademark so that your names are protected and you can be calm about the development of your business.

A modern and affordable way of accounting

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